From a Turkish migrant family and born and raised in Paris, Yunus first got interested in DJing as he was inspired by both Turkey's rich musical culture and as the French scene was blooming in the late 2000s. He is currently based in Asia & Europe as Totoro Typhoon’s sound director, Fauve Radio's art director and as a resident DJ and visual artist at Fufu agency, The Music Room - Potato Head & Shi Fu Miz. Yunus has a large experience playing in all ranges of venues - from the most confidential raves to the biggest festivals - sharing the decks with artists such as Naduve, Robert Owens, Jayda G, Felix Dickinson and Pablo Valentino. Tinted with a distinctive shiny sound, Yunus' DJ sets vary from technical mixes with balanced repetitions and variations with a solid house, electro and techno base, to eclectic but fresh vibes found in balearic and ambiant curiosities, psych rock, experimental jazz and oriental drums digs from Anatolia.

來來⾃自⼟土⽿耳其嘅移⺠民家庭,喺巴黎出⽣生⻑⾧長⼤大,Yunus 最初因受到⼟土⽿耳其豐富嘅⾳音樂樂樂樂⽂文化啟發⽽而有興趣 成為 DJ,⽽而且喺 21 世紀後期法國當地該⾏行行業開始盛⾏行行。佢⽬目前喺亞洲擔任 Totoro Typhoon 嘅⾳音響 總監,係 Fauve Radio 嘅藝術總監,並擔任⾹香港幾間 Club 及⾳音響系統嘅駐場 DJ 及視覺藝術家。

Current residencies:
-Potato Head Hong Kong
-Fufu Creative Agency
-Shi Fu Miz Festival
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